I met Samantha at Glasgow Royal Infirmary during my placement for University led course
in Ultrasound. She welcomed me as a team member from the first day of training and
immediately made a new environment much more amicable for working and learning.

She tutored me like her own student and always impressed me with the depth of her
knowledge even during academic challenge of Essay writing.

However, the best quality I noticed was her impeccable bedside manner and comprehensive
communication with patients leading to positive patient experience.

She always went out of her way to alleviate patient anxiety.

Samantha ensured that clinical results were communicated promptly and management plan
executed stringently which often meant she stayed beyond her usual hours of work.

I have learnt a lot from her during my six-month tenure at the infirmary.

Therefore, I have complete trust that she will be successful in her future endeavours and
wish her best of luck.

Miss Neerja Gupta – Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist