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Gender Scan
For pregnancies from 15 weeks. A 2nd scan is offered at no extra cost if required (if the baby isn’t showing it’s bits and pieces).
Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan
from 6 weeks (if you require an earlier appointment please contact the practice). This scan is to determine viability, provide reassurance, identify multiple pregnancies, and age of the pregnancy if unsure of dates.
Early Pregnancy Emergency Scan
This scan is for ladies experience mild spotting or cramps or are experiencing a loss of pregnancy symptoms (it is not recommended for anyone with heavy bleeding or pain)

*An appointment will be offered within 48 hrs*

A second scan may be required – this will be free of charge.
3D & 4D Scan
Ideally for pregnancies between the 26th and 29th week (if you are known to have an anterior placenta than it is best at 28+ weeks). This scan is baby led and we aim to give you a unique and enjoyable experience.

The package includes 3x black and white printed images, 1-2x 4D clips and at least 4x still image sent electronically.
NIPT Screening & Fertility
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Endometrial Ultrasound/Fertility Assessment
A scan for women who are undergoing fertility treatment and are requiring endometrial assessment and/or ovary and follicle assessment.
Initial assessment is charged at £69 and any follow up scans required by the clinic prior to implantation are charged at £40 per
Full Well-Being Package
This package is offered for an initial scan at 6-7weeks then a further well-being scan at 10+ weeks along with the Pre-natal Screening Test.
Genesafe Inherited
This test screens for the five most common inherited recessive genetic disorders such as Cystic Fibrosis, Beta Thalassemia, Sickle cell Anaemia and Deafness Autosomal recessive type 1a and 1b.
Genesafe De Novo
This test screens for 44 severe genetic disorders as a result of de novo mutations (a gene mutation that is not inherited) in 25 genes.
Genesafe Complete
This test screens for both the inherited and de novo single-gene disorders with the combined test providing a complete picture of any potential risk to the pregnancy.
Ninalia 5
For the screening of aneuploidies in Chromosomes – 13,18,21, X and Y – able to determine fetal sex. The most common chromosomal aneuploidies detected are:-
Trisomy 21 – Downs Syndrome
Trisomy 18 – Edwards Syndrome
Trisomy 13 – Patau Syndrome
Monsomy X – Turner Syndrome
XXX – Trisomy X
XXY – Klinefelter Syndrome
XYY – Jacobs Syndrome
£375 (£399 including scan)
For the screening of aneuploidies in Chromosome 21 only – able to determine fetal sex
PreNatalSafe Karyo
Analyses every chromosome in the genome providing karyotype-level insight. Tests for the most common aneuploidies as in Ninalia 5 but includes the less frequent chromosomal aneuploidies in Trisomy 1-22.
£800 – including scan
PreNatalSafe KaryoPlus
The most comprehensive NIPT in the world which analyses every chromosome in the genome as well as 9 clinically significant microdeletion syndromes which are:-
DiGeorge Syndrome
Wolf-Hirschhom Syndrome
Cri-du-chat Syndrome
Jacobsen Syndrome
Prader-Willi Syndrome
Langer-Gledion Syndrome
Angelman Syndrome
Smith-Magenis Syndrome
1p36 deletion Syndrome
£1000 – including scan
PreNatalSafe Complete
is a combination of the two most powerful tests available worldwide PrenatalSafe KaryoPlus + GeneSafe complete are offered together at a reduced price.