ScanLinc COVID-19 Policy

This policy was last updated on 16 January 2021.

Before booking please ensure you read and understand the following regulations: – 

  1. If you are able to attend alone then we would encourage you to do so but if you do want a guest to attend with you it must one adult only and from the same household (non- negotiable). The guest will be required to remain at least 2M apart (the chairs are placed accordingly).
  1. You will be asked to send a message to announce your arrival, we will then call you to take details/history. 
  1. Handwashing on arrival and on leaving is required whilst also wearing masks, either shop bought or home-made.
  1. Scan times will be kept to a minimal to obtain the desired outcome. If the baby is not in the optimal position during 2nd trimester reassurance scan for gender, then a re-scan will not be offered.
  1. Before booking and before attendance if you have even minimal symptoms then we must ask that you DO NOT attend your appointment. If a household member or a regular contact has symptoms you should also cancel and self-isolate. You can cancel through your booking confirmation or send us an email through the contact form on the website.

Scanlinc looks forward again to providing a caring and professional service for those that choose to access us. The COVID-19 pandemic has created uncertain times and resulted in many changes and challenges for all. Our aim moving forward is to establish a new normal whilst offering a level of comfort and trust for both staff and service users.

Finally, we ask that you to adhere to guidance and to remain patient and understanding of the fact that the COVID-19 pandemic may require our return to work plans to suddenly change.

If tighter working measures are introduced, then cancellations may be required at short notice. Whilst we are taking every step possible to ensure our clinic is infection free, attendance is at your own risk.

For any further enquiries email is our preferred method of contact