Early Reassurance

The early stage of pregnancy is a complex and emotional time due to rising hormones which can result in the commencement of pregnancy symptoms.

Often the strongest feeling that a women can experience in the early stages of pregnancy is that of anxiety, often just wanting to know that everything is ok with the pregnancy.

A reassurance, early pregnancy scan is offered at ScanLinc from 6 weeks, however if you require an earlier appointment please contact the practice directly to discuss.

This scan is primarily to determine viability whilst providing reassurance. An early ultrasound can also identify multiple pregnancies and age a pregnancy if unsure of dates.

This appointment will commence with an abdominal scan but on occasion an internal scan may be recommended, naturally this always remains your choice. During an internal scan the probe may feel a little cold and stretchy but most women tolerate this examination without any pain whatsoever. The Midwife/Sonographer will explain the procedure fully for every examination.

If you are experiencing concerns and you would like to be seen urgently our emergency scans are always available within 48 hours. Please follow this link and remember if you can’t see a suitable appointment please contact us and we will endeavour to find one for you.

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