Hypno-Natal Virtual Sessions

One to one and group virtual hypno-natal sessions aimed at supporting anxious women in early pregnancy.

Many women are affected by anxiety issues during the perinatal period (which encompasses pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period up to one year). This has only worsened over to COVID-19 period where women have at times felt isolated during pregnancy and post-pregnancy.

For some women, it may be past experiences that have caused hightened anxiety, for some it can be health issues, and for many it can come out of the blue even if they have never experienced any bad anxiety in their life previously.

At ScanLinc, we have decided to lean on our wealth of experience in early pregnancy and partner up with Karis, a Lincoln based hpynobirthing, mindfulness, hypnotherapy and antenatel specialist, to offer some virtual support sessions.

Who are the classes aimed at?

These virtual Hypno-Natal sessions will be aimed at families that may be suffering from any form of pregnancy anxiety which may or may not be a result of past history. At this point the classes will be specifically for women between 4 and 20 weeks pregnant.

How will the classes be formatted?

At the moment, these classess will be held virtually. The format of the classes will involve us going through questions, feelings and concerns, before diving into some relaxation and hypnotherapy techniques.

Each session will last an hour and the aim is to come away feeling refreshed, calm and relaxed. However, our specialists will also be available for further support should you need it post-class.

We have two types of sessions on offer:

  • 1-2-1: we will have 1-2-1 sessions available each week where you’ll get access to our specialist alone and recieve personalised support.
  • Group sessions: the group sessions are for up to 6 ladies at a time, when you book in you will get a bundle of 3 sessions. The group sessions are great for sharing experiences and also making connections/friendships within the group.

Who will run the classes?

Our specialist is Karis, who having qualified as a Midwife 10 years ago has specialised in antenatal teaching, post-natal support and baby massage groups. She has trained in hypnobirthing and believes that hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool that has huge benefits during every stage of pregnancy, post-birth and beyond. Find out more about Karis here.

How do I book?

  1. Go to our booking page
  2. Scroll through until you see the Hypno-Natal Virtual Session options
  3. Select either the 1-2-1 session or group 3 session package
  4. You will get a notification to confirm your booking
  5. We will contact you prior to the class to collect payment
  6. You are set for your session!