Gender Scan

We perform the early gender scan from 15 weeks

The early gender scan costs from £65 and takes around 15-20 mins but we offer a generous slot of 45 minutes. If baby is in a prime position the scan can take as little as 5 mins so the rest of the scan gives you the chance to have a really good look at your precious little person. You will receive images to take home with you.

No medical practitioner will ever guarantee 100% the gender of baby before delivery however, the scan is based on the opinion of what is seen and that of the experienced Sonographer.

Should we not be able to give an opinion on the day (e.g. gender not obvious due to how baby is lying or crossed legs), a further gender scan appointment will be made free of charge when hopefully baby will be in a more favourable position. After the 2nd scan if the baby remains in an unfavourable position then no further scans will be offered.

Gender pregnancy scans are always performed through the abdomen. Images will be provided.

We also do Gender Scans with 3D preview – click here for more information on this!