Endometrial Ultrasound/Fertility Assessment

ScanLinc is offering an ultrasound assessment to assist women undergoing fertility treatment allowing them to provide their chosen care facility either in the UK or abroad with the required information especially in cases when that care facility may not be close to their home/work.

An initial scan at the start of a fertility programme may require a more detailed review of the pelvic area including the shape, size and condition of the uterus (womb) the appearance and measurement of the endometrium (lining of the womb), assessment of both ovaries along with a follicle count/measurement and a general overview of the pelvic area/adnexa.

An endometrial thickness scan will usually involve 1-3 scans and varies from clinic to clinic but usually commences around day 7-9 of your cycle but the amount and timing will be confirmed by your chosen care facility. This scan measures the maximum diameter (in mm’s) of the endometrium.

This ultrasound examination needs to be accurate therefore is performed using a vaginal probe. The bladder will need to be empty during the procedure and the vast majority of women find this procedure completely pain free.

Initial assessment is charged at £69 and any follow up scans required by the clinic prior to implantation are charged at £40 per visit.

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