Emergency Scan

ScanLinc offer a emergency pregnancy scan from 6 weeks

*An appointment will be offered for this service within 48 hrs. If you cannot book a slot through the website please contact the practice directly. Please leave a message if prompted to do so*

The early stages of pregnancy is a complex and emotional time and on occasion ladies can experience mild spotting, light bleeding, abdominal cramping/bloating. As pregnancies progress some ladies may also experience loss of symptoms, this means that they may suddenly stop feeling nauseous, tired etc.

Although all of these symptoms are generally nothing to worry over there are occasions where this may indicate that the pregnancy is not progressing as it should.

This emergency scan appointment will commence with an abdominal scan but on occasion an internal scan may be recommended, naturally this always remains your choice. During an internal scan the probe may feel a little cold and stretchy but most women tolerate this examination without any pain whatsoever. The Midwife/Sonographer will explain the procedure fully for every examination.

On occasion the results of the emergency scan could be unclear for example the pregnancy could still be too young. The Sonographer may offer you a 2nd appt free of charge at a later date or on some occasions may refer you to your GP or another medical professional for diagnosis

**For any ladies that are experiencing heavy bleeding or severe pain it is recommended that you seek urgent medical advice**

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