Early Reassurance Scan & Gender Package

ScanLinc are thrilled to be partnering with ConceptoTM to bring you their new BlueorPinkTM early gender detection testing. Our package will be available from the 8th week of your pregnancy and will include an Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan including photos and a video clip sent directly to you (with no apps, logins or sharing restrictions!).

How does it work?

What’s included?

  • Early Pregnancy Reassurance Scan to confirm your pregnancy is healthy.
  • Printed and digital images.
  • A video of your little one showing their heartbeat1 .
  • Venepuncture for your blood sample.
  • All courier fees.
  • All lab fees.
  • All reporting fees.
  • Results delivered to you by phone and email.
  • Results reported within 5 days of receipt in the laboratory2.

How do I know if I’m 8 weeks?

Before your official dating scan performed by the NHS at approximately 12 weeks we estimate the age of your pregnancy by counting from the 1st day of your last menstrual period or you can use the NHS due date calculator. If your periods are irregular and/or you aren’t sure when your last was then we would recommend waiting at least 4 weeks from your first positive pregnancy test.

We have made this video as a guide for further information:

  1. Visual only. For safety reasons it is our policy not to use powerwave for audio until the 16th week of pregnancy.
  2. The exact timeframe vary by time and day of appointment and your sonographer will be able to give you a more specific turnaround estimate at your appointment. ↩︎