What to do when you find out you’re pregnant!

Positive pregnancy test?

First Pregnancy?


How many emotions can you fit into one day!

So now what…

The first step is make an appointment with the GP…tell the receptionist it is for pregnancy as some practices refer straight to a Midwife.

Your GP or Midwife will send a referral into the nearest maternity services to your address but ultimately it is your choice where you decide to have your care and this can be discussed at your first Midwife appointment.

How often will you get to see a Midwife? This is the latest NHS schedule…


How will you feel?

Every woman has a different early pregnancy experience that ranges from hardly any symptoms to a wide range and occasionally severe symptoms, there is no clear reason for this but as we are all unique individuals then each experience is unique. One of the most difficult symptoms reported by women is Nausea…


Am I normal?

It is perfectly normal to feel a little anxious, emotional, confused and a little daunted as you start your journey to motherhood and of course men can also feel a little overwhelmed and somewhat nervous about the prospect of becoming a father…It’s all normal, talk to each other, support each other but above all love each other.

So I hear you ask where does ScanLinc fit into this…why would I want a private scan?

Well…for a variety of reasons some people would like to have an ultrasound before their first NHS ultrasound appointment which is generally scheduled for between 12 and 14 weeks.

These reasons include…
• You may be feeling anxious
• You may be experiencing no symptoms at all or symptoms that are so severe you need reassurance that all is well with the growing pregnancy
• You may have a history of twins in the family and you have it your head this will be the case for you
• You may have irregular periods and have no idea of the age of the pregnancy
• Or quite simply you just cannot wait that long to see if all is looking ok

Whatever the reason you can rest assured that a private appointment will offer a one to one personalised service with plenty of time allocated to each lady in order to assess the pregnancy. The ultrasound will act as a stepping stone to your NHS appointment but it is important to know that it will never replace them.

If you have any questions about any of the above or anything at all please get in touch.

Newly pregnant and worried…

The beginning of a pregnancy is a time full of complex emotions such as excitement and at times anxiety. Some early pregnancy symptoms can provide a certain amount of reassurance such as nausea but others such as spotting or cramping can raise anxiety levels…so we Google….then we panic!

ScanLinc Early Pregnancy service offers an emergency appointment for ladies that may be experiencing some mild pain and/or spotting up to 13 weeks. Our aim is to see ladies within 48 hrs but would try our best to see ladies within 6 hrs.

OK ladies here’s a quick guide for anyone experiencing any pain/cramps or light bleeding


  • automatically think the worst, glass half full not half empty…
  • over Google!
  • attend A&E unless you are worried about your own well-being ie. Severe pain, light headiness or heavy bleeding (**unless you have been advised to attend by a health professional)


  • contact your GP surgery or named midwife
  • contact your nearest Early Pregnancy Unit – this can be found at http://www.earlypregnancy.org.uk – however, depending on your symptoms they may not have the resources to offer you a scan.
  • Call 111 – NHS 24 if you are unable to speak to any other health professional , they may suggest attending A&E but please bear in mind there may be a long wait to be assessed, there are no ultrasound facilities in A&E.
  • Attend A&E if you are experiencing severe pain, heavy bleeding or are generally feeling unwell.
  • Call or email ScanLinc.co.uk if you need an urgent scan (**Do not attend if you have heavy bleeding or severe pain)

For further info follow the link – 2016 Guidelines from The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists:


Early pregnancy anxiety – why you are normal!

Early pregnancy can bring about feelings of anxiety for most women.


• Well first,  you are normal and human… and you are at the start of creating a tiny human.
• Some women may have been trying to start a family or add to a family for a very long time.
• Infertility and previous losses can of course naturally increase anxiety levels.
• Conditions such as endometriosis or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome can interfere with periods and cause irregular cycles which can makes it difficult to judge the age of the pregnancy.
• The lack of control and not being able to tell if something could be wrong.

It is all completely normal! If you are suffering with increased anxiety levels, as with any type of anxiety, there are a number of things you can do to help ease it.

Helping to ease anxiety

• Use relaxation techniques such as mindfulness – combat any negative thoughts or feelings
• Talk to loved ones about how you feel – don’t try and tackle it all on your own
• Keep a diary about how you feel – this will help you understand your anxiety triggers and your pregnancy symptoms
• Release the feel good chemicals but doing some light exercise such as swimming, yoga or walking
• Try pregnancy massage, aromatherapy treatments or reflexology

But most of all….

For the majority of women it is just a desire to know that everything is progressing normally and waiting for the 12 week NHS scan can often prove too much of a wait! Patience is not a pregnancy symptom for most of us!

It is for this reason I have set up my practice offering scans for ladies from as early as 6 weeks. You don’t have to just get on with it and not make a ‘fuss’ because often all that’s required is a measure of reassurance and a listening ear. Most of us just want to check everything is ok with our growing miracles.