About Us

The ScanLinc Vision

ScanLinc Early Pregnancy Service is a Midwife led clinic committed to providing an efficient, caring, professional and supportive service to all clients and their families. This is achieved through the safe and effective use of ultrasound imaging technology. We are dedicated to offering reassurance, gender scans, 3D & 4D scans and NIPT (non-invasive pre-natal testing) from the 6th week up to the 32nd week of pregnancy. Every scan performed follows the safety guidelines as set by the British Medical Ultrasound Society (BMUS).

ScanLinc is designed to provide care and reassurance to women and their families in the early weeks of their pregnancies. Some symptoms in pregnancy are quite normal whilst others may need input to ensure they are well managed. If a pregnancy is not progressing normally it is vital to commence management early to protect both the physical and psychological well-being of women and their families.

At ScanLinc we pride ourselves on offering you the best service and that means only using sonographers that share our vision. The best way to ensure this is to train our own homegrown talent which involves University attendance and placement in our clinic. Therefore you may be asked if you are happy to consent to a student sonographer being present at your appointment. Post qualification, all members of the team are required to undertake continuous development activities in order to maintain the highest skill levels, knowledge and information to support your care.  

ScanLinc is CQC registered and is owned by Samantha Northway

The ScanLinc Team

The ScanLinc team consists of qualified and registered midwives, who all have their own area of specialism. Unlike many private scanning studios though, everyone at ScanLinc has experienced every part of pregnancy and post-pregnancy through their career. Together, we cover all cases and offer a wealth of experience.


ScanLinc is based in Greetwell Place, on Lime Kiln Way, just across from Lincoln County Hospital and parking is free outside the building. It is easily accessible from all areas of Lincoln and the surrounding Lincolnshire area.

We get a lot of customers from Lincoln, as well as:

  • Grimsby
  • Scunthorpe
  • Newark
  • Sleaford
  • Stamford
  • Gainsborough
  • Boston

Contacting ScanLinc

Please use our contact form for any general queries. Or you can call us on 01522244110. For any complaints, please contact Samantha Northway at enquiries@scanlinc.co.uk.