3D & 4D Scan

ScanLinc are offering still pictures of your baby in three dimensions (3D). The fourth dimension is time, so we can now capture moving pictures of your baby. 4D captures images that are continuously updated like watching a movie.

This is a unique opportunity to see your baby in real time which will capture the essence of your baby’s look and character. It will be an individual experience in a friendly and relaxed environment that you will treasure always.

This service is available from 26-32 weeks pregnant. Ideally, we would like people to attend between the 28th and 30th week of pregnancy. If you are known to have an anterior placenta (placenta on top of baby) or twins onboard then it is best at 28+ weeks. After the 26th week of pregnancy baby develops more fat around its face therefore giving a more defined image. However as baby grow it can get harder to get clear images so we advise to book no later than the 32nd week of pregnancy.

The quality of the images is all baby led. If the baby has its face pushed up against the side of the uterus or placenta then it can be very difficult to get images of the face but we might get good images of hands and feet. We aim to do the very best images that we can in the timeframe given but if we feel that we could not give you any good images at all then we might invite you for a further shorter slot on another day (included in the price). This is at the Sonographers discretion.

The package

The package includes:

  • 2-3 x black and white printed images given to you at the end of the appointment
  • At least 1 x 4D clip and at least 4 x still images send electronically

There’s no evidence that scans are harmful, ScanLinc will adhere to all safety guidelines. Ultrasound scans are a vital part of maternity services. This scan is not for diagnostic purposes however the Sonographer carrying out the scan will follow all the safety guidelines and has the qualifications to ensure that she is able to identify potential problems.