Newly pregnant and worried…

The beginning of a pregnancy is a time full of complex emotions such as excitement and at times anxiety. Some early pregnancy symptoms can provide a certain amount of reassurance such as nausea but others such as spotting or cramping can raise anxiety levels…so we Google….then we panic!

ScanLinc Early Pregnancy service offers an emergency appointment for ladies that may be experiencing some mild pain and/or spotting up to 13 weeks. Our aim is to see ladies within 48 hrs but would try our best to see ladies within 6 hrs.

OK ladies here’s a quick guide for anyone experiencing any pain/cramps or light bleeding


  • automatically think the worst, glass half full not half empty…
  • over Google!
  • attend A&E unless you are worried about your own well-being ie. Severe pain, light headiness or heavy bleeding (**unless you have been advised to attend by a health professional)


  • contact your GP surgery or named midwife
  • contact your nearest Early Pregnancy Unit – this can be found at – however, depending on your symptoms they may not have the resources to offer you a scan.
  • Call 111 – NHS 24 if you are unable to speak to any other health professional , they may suggest attending A&E but please bear in mind there may be a long wait to be assessed, there are no ultrasound facilities in A&E.
  • Attend A&E if you are experiencing severe pain, heavy bleeding or are generally feeling unwell.
  • Call or email if you need an urgent scan (**Do not attend if you have heavy bleeding or severe pain)

For further info follow the link – 2016 Guidelines from The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists:

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