Welcome to ScanLinc

The idea to create ScanLinc really came about after a chance conversation with an applications specialist 6 months ago whilst I was working as a Midwife/Sonographer in Glasgow. After the conversation a tiny seed was planted in my mind…

Our plan had always been to move back to the Lincoln area from Glasgow at some point in time but my partner unexpectedly got the opportunity of a great role in Newark for himself sooner than expected!

a gap in the market in lincoln

I then began to research employment possibilities for me in Lincoln that would utilise the knowledge I had gained in the early pregnancy role in Glasgow. After working with an exceptional team since 2013 and loving what I was doing I realised I wanted nothing more than to continue my work as a Midwife/Sonographer. Caring from women in the early stages of pregnancy has become my greatest passion yet.

I recalled my conversation with the applications specialist and after doing my own market research and talking to many health professionals I decided the only way forward was to set up my own practice.

Providing a listening ear and sharing knowledge

Being a Midwife, a Mother and a Grandmother gives me an advantage in the market as I am fully aware of all of the complexities surrounding the early stages of pregnancy from both a professional and personal perspective. Allocation of a generous time slot means I can provide a listening ear as well as share my knowledge as a health professional in a calming and relaxed atmosphere.

I have identified a need in Lincoln, for a great service that offers reassurance to women and my aim is to provide a gold standard service in Lincolnshire, Newark and surrounding.

By Samantha Northway – Owner of ScanLinc, Early Pregnancy Service